Saturday, March 29, 2008

How to put flash games on your PSP

This tutorial will show you how to put flash games on your PSP. You do not need custom firmware to do this. I recommend you use Firefox to perform the following steps.

Here are the steps:

Step 1.
Search for a flash game and have it running on the page.

Step 2.
Go to "File" > "Save Page As" and save it to the desktop.

Step 3.
Make a new folder in the root of your memory stick duo and name it "FLASH".

Step 4.
Drag the correct .swf file from the web page folder to the "FLASH" folder.

Step 5.
Rename the .swf file to whatever you want. I recommend you keep it short and simple.

Step 6.
Put the memory stick duo back in the PSP

Step 7.
Open the web browser on your PSP and type this address:


You can replace "breakout" with the name of the .swf file you want to open. When the game opens you can save it in your bookmarks.

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