Saturday, May 31, 2008

ASUS Eee PC 2G Surf w/ XP Demonstration

This is a demonstration of the ASUS Eee PC 2G Surf with XP Fundamentals for Legacy PCs installed. Here are the results:

Boot: 60 seconds
Microsoft Word: Perfect (Stutters in video but works perfect most of the time)
Youtube: Perfect Slight Stutter
HD Video: Perfect (1080p was mentioned in the video but it was a mistake. The actual resolution is 1280 x 528)
MP3 Playback: Perfect
Unreal Tournament: Perfect
Shutdown: 25 seconds


felliandre-m said...

is it real that u are using the eee pc 2g surf..? becuase i want to buy the eee pc 2g..tell how you did that?

sorry if my english bad..

pcwzrd13 said...

Yes, It's a Eee PC 2g Surf. If you want to know how to install XP, visit:

felliandre-m said...

and how about the other app like office 2003 or the other app that you had done the installation for the eee pc 2g, like in the video, coz its look nice..did you use an additional sdhc card?

pcwzrd13 said...

I bought the Eee PC used, so Office 2003 was already on there when I got it. As for the game "Unreal Tournament", it's a demo I downloaded and installed. VLC Media Player (What I used to play the music and video)is a free program that I downloaded and installed. Oh, and the Firefox Web Browser is also a free program that you can download. All the programs were installed on the main SSD. I have a 2gb SD card but none of the programs were installed on it.