Saturday, July 19, 2008

Sonic - 3D NDS Homebrew Game

Thanks to the game's creator, ritz. Keep up the good work. Here is ritz's description of the game:

"sonic is the development name for my homebrew nintendo ds 3d game project. some notable features include skeletal animation, static & dynamic point lights, shadow volumes, skyboxes, picking, gravity and object & environment collision detection. in the near future i will build the game logic, a.i., scripting and i hope to include an interactive 3d map builder for easy world creation and object & creature placement"

Visit the game creator's site:


Michael said...

I've actually been looking for information about working on NDS homebrew games. I'm a 3d modeler, animator, texture artist, (also some sound production and film). Any info on where to find people who might need help with stuff like that would be VEEEeerry much appreciated.

This game looks very nice so far.

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