Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Fandian r303 (Formerly Sonic) DS Homebrew Released

A new version of Ritz's Fandian (Formerly Sonic) has been released. I currently don't have a video since I can't get it to run on my DS. I'll post one if I can get it to run. Meanwhile, here is Ritz's description and a few screenshots:

"Fandian is a hobby of mine that attempts to be a homebrew 3D RPG project for the Nintendo DS. Some notable features include skeletal animation, static & dynamic point lights, shadow volumes, skyboxes, collision detection with gravity, stylus picking, and multiple linked maps support for large worlds."

"In the hopeful future I will build the game logic, A.I. and scripting. I'll also attempt an interactive 3D map builder on the DS for easy world creation, real-time light adjustment and object & creature placement."

"The latest release news:

Does anyone have a DSi (and a compatible flashcart like Acekard 2i or EZ-Flash Vi) yet? If so, I was hoping they would be willing to give my rom a quick test run to find out if it's gonna work. I'm most curious about the stats on my debug screen (the top screen) and a camera snapshot of it would be awesome and appreciated (if it even works at all). "

"the Fandian one was built using devkitARM 24 with the updated libfat, arm7, etc."

Fandian can be downloaded from here.

1 comment:

Massa0 said...

have You ever played Neverwinter Nights?
Look at the cenario... familiar huh?
But Excellent graphics, dude!
I wish it was completed, alreay =D